Douven Staul

Theo and Huxley's childhood tutor. A retired swordmage.


Douven Staul tutored the Banmarden brothers since the time they could walk. A one-time swordmage adventurer turned caravan guard, he had protected many of the Banmarden family’s shipments to far points, and when the time came for Douven to retire, Edric Banmarden was happy to offer him a position as tutor to his two young sons.

A devout follower of Ioun, he instilled in young Theo a reverence for the god that, in Theo’s hands, took on a life of its own. To young Huxley, he felt a special kinship – here was another like him – a child with an innate talent for magic and a deep curiosity.

Three months ago, Douven left town in a flurry of excitement, claiming that he’d “finally found it.” When pressed, he refused to tell even his former students of his plans, and departed in haste.

Three months later, he had yet to return, and his wife, Merewald, was consumed with worry. She turned to the only people she felt she could trust, his former students, and asked for their help. She confided in the twin boys that Douven believed he had discovered the burial ground of the fabled Nentir Dragon, just south of the tiny town of Winterhaven, and had gone their to inspect the site and prepare to assemble an excavation team. “Will you go to Winterhaven,” she asks, “and find out what has become of him?”

Douven Staul

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