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  • Adamki

    *Adamki* is a beautiful town of about two thousand humans, elves and half-elves, built centuries ago during the height of the Nerath empire. Nestled beneath the jagged slopes of the Moonsfall beside a surging waterfall, the walled citadel of Adamki holds …

  • Douven Staul

    Douven Staul tutored the Banmarden brothers since the time they could walk. A one-time swordmage adventurer turned caravan guard, he had protected many of the Banmarden family's shipments to far points, and when the time came for Douven to retire, [[: …

  • Leofric

    Leofric is a cleric of Pelor first, tavernkeeper second. He accumulated enough wealth during his adventuring career to make real his dream of building a tavern in Adamki that could be a center of culture for the community as well.